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Ensure digital platform stability

Don’t let risk enter the picture. Ensure the security of your platforms at all times.

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In numbers

92 %

92% of web applications have exploitable flaws or weaknesses 1

49 %

49% of IT leaders believe that continuous testing is important to ensure that evolving business needs are met.

54 %

54% of web applications have vulnerabilities to hackers.

1. Source : Research of FT 500 companies  |  2. Trustwave Global Security Report  |  3. Imperva


Future-proof your assets (and your peace of mind, too)

Because your platform is constantly evolving, it needs new functionalities and regular updates. Symetris supports you in extending the life of your platform for years to come.

Modernize your web application

Do you want to modernize your web application and get rid of an outdated system that requires frequent patches? Symetris guarantees the scalability of your web ecosystem, thanks to its team of certified Drupal and Acquia experts.

Reinforce the security of your applications (and your investments)

Test the vulnerability of your website and make essential corrections so you leave no room for hacker attacks. Guarantee the quality of your site's performance and minimize the security breaches that can threaten your systems.
Symetris equips you to minimize risks. Our QA department ensures the quality of your web platform, in keeping with the highest standards of development.