Guarantee the success of your digital projects, from strategy to execution.

Vision & Planning

Bring on board a dedicated project manager from our team

Symetris' 'Project Management Office On Demand' (PMO) brings clarity and direction to your digital projects. This service is essential for teams needing expert navigation through complex digital landscapes. Our dedicated project managers integrate seamlessly, turning potential challenges into success stories. With Symetris’ PMO, your projects are not just completed; they are elevated to new heights of excellence and innovation.

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Reduce the risk of digital transformation by planning ahead

Every successful project starts with a clear strategy and measurable objectives. Targeted investments guarantee added value for your platform. In order to maximize your return on investment (ROI), make your website work for your business. Hit your revenue and conversion targets by launching a web platform tightly integrated with your marketing tools, CRM, and other applications.

Can your current digital platform sustain your growth?

Our team can assess your current situation and help you improve the performance, security, and quality of your web platform. Auditing your web application’s performance involves numerous tests and a multitude of skills. As an Acquia Preferred Partner, Symetris can identify how to maximize your performance and optimize the user experience, while maintaining your platform’s viability for years to come.

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Improve the consistency of your digital ecosystem

Our team can help you to map your ecosystem to identify all dependencies and how to control them. We can streamline how data is transferred between parts of the ecosystem by recommending which processes would be manual or automated. We also identify which systems are not currently connected and which stakeholders are responsible for maintaining each one. Ecosystem mapping and optimization allows you to focus your energies on growing your business by removing frustrations linked to outdated, legacy or unconnected digital services.

Maximise your project’s success by aligning the expectations of all your stakeholders from start to finish

Our project leaders are true digital maestros who will engage and mobilize all stakeholders involved and guide their actions with a global vision. They identify and map out the key stakeholders by their power and interest, and determine the best tools for collaborating, consulting and communicating. For each stakeholder, our project leaders will put in place appropriate stakeholder-management strategies to involve them according to their profile. This approach helps drive innovation and lead to a successful and sustainable digital transformation.

Design & Development

Inspire your users with an amazing customer experience

Improve your platform’s performance with a better understanding of your internal and external users. We adopt pragmatic and agile UX practices that enable you to quickly and effectively conduct user research, design well-adapted interfaces and perform relevant user tests. User experience when browsing your applications is critical. We inspire users to take full advantage of powerful and accessible interfaces. We use advanced techniques to ensure a coherent design throughout the entire customer journey, even if the user’s path jumps between applications within your ecosystem.

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Start on the right track with the right solution

Our business analysts help you to translate your business objectives into appropriate systems that provide measurable results. Once the scope is defined, our solution architects identify the technological approach that fits both your existing digital ecosystem and your future strategy. They also provide clear guidelines and leadership for the team that will develop the application.

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Certified technical experts that guarantee streamlined platform delivery

Symetris offers Web & CMS development backed by more than 15 years of experience. We implement digital experience platforms (DXP), content management systems (WCMS, CMS), e-commerce solutions and integrated web applications. Our certified developers and Agile-inspired methodology ensure industry best practices for delivery. Symetris is an Acquia and Pantheon Preferred Partner and boasts one of the biggest teams of Drupal certified developers in Quebec.

Integrate your web platform with your other systems

Web platforms don’t live in a void. They need to be connected with your entire digital ecosystem, from CRM to ERP to eCommerce, third parties and legacy systems. This is when integration comes into play. Minimise data inconsistencies, visualize KPIS in real-time and connect the dots thanks to efficient integration and automation.

Maintenance & Evolution

Prevention, support and security

Our dedicated customer service team is friendly and efficient. We respond to client requests for maintenance and support based on clear service level objectives so there are no surprises. Prevention is the best medicine: by keeping your platform secure and up-to-date, you’ll have a powerful website that can keep up with your team. Regular updates to an application can prolong its use by several years and facilitate your next enhancements.

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Your platform needs to evolve to meet your new business needs

New business needs and emerging technology trends won’t wait for your next redesign. The platforms within your digital ecosystem must constantly be adapted to meet your evolving requirements. Our unique approach to continuous improvement includes strategy and project leadership during your platform’s maintenance period. Our recommendations will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Top trainers to update the skills of your team

In order to ensure the proper use of the digital solutions we develop, we make sure that all your website administrators receive training to maximize your ROI. We can also ensure in-depth knowledge transfer to your internal developers so that they can quickly leverage your new platform. Alternatively, if you have a specific training need, Symetris has well-known Drupal trainers in its team with excellent communication and pedagogic skills who can provide custom training.

Set it and forget it: let us take care of your platform for you

Symetris’ managed services help you maintain and monitor your platform so you can focus on what really matters for your business. We will help you manage your annual budget by prioritizing and executing the technical activities that are required, coordinating with your team on a regular basis with meetings and monthly reports.