Maintenance, Support, Prevention and Change Management

Implementing your new digital platform is only the beginning: you must make sure that it is adopted by your target clientele and that it be maintained and improved as time goes on.

The human side: user adoption of your new platform

Change management is crucial when launching a new intranet, extranet or web application since these tools impact the day-to-day work of your team, your partners and your clients.
You can trust Symetris to offer the framework, the training and the support necessary after each deployment to ensure a worry-free transition for your users.

The technical side: maintenance and upkeep

We strongly recommend you keep your new digital platforms up to date with the assistance, support, improvements, accompaniment and counsel offered by Symetris.
We offer bank of hours packages to complete this type of work (with detailed timesheets provided).
And in case you’re thinking about switching over to Symetris for the maintenance of an existing platform, we can also maintain solutions conceived by other teams.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: prevention plans

Just like a vaccine helps prevent infections, by signing up to a “prevention plan”, you minimize the vulnerability of technical issues and security breaches that could potentially affect your platform.
To reach this objective, our team commits itself to update your content management system as well as all of the modules installed on your site on a monthly basis.