Boost Your Company Culture with Donut Meetings (Infographic)

With remote work on the rise, connecting with your colleagues and building a sense of camaraderie in the workplace can be harder than ever. But fear not, because the Donut meeting is here to save the day!

Donut Meetings: Boost Company Culture - Symetris in 2022

“Slack kept coming up as the place where culture happened, no matter if people work remotely or in offices.” 
Dan Manian, CEO and co-founder of Donut

Companies today are constantly seeking ways to create a positive and productive work culture, especially for remote teams. One effective solution is the use of Donut Time on Slack. Donut is a Slack app that facilitates connections and collaboration among teammates, regardless of their location. By joining a channel and utilizing the Donut app, team members can be automatically introduced to new coworkers, initiate conversations, and stay informed of important dates such as birthdays and work anniversaries.

Donut's user-friendly interface and integration with Slack channels allows for easy adoption and reach, making it accessible to thousands of potential users. The app has already facilitated over 10 million connections across 20,000 companies, including Slack itself.

At Symetris, we understand the importance of strong company culture and the mental well-being of our team members, which is why we have implemented "donut meetings" as a regular part of our remote work strategy. Our culture of open communication, mutual respect, and regular check-ins through donut meetings helps our team members feel valued and supported, which in turn leads to better performance and increased job satisfaction. 

The positive impact on our company culture is reflected in our numerous awards and recognitions in 2022. The following are some of the awards we have achieved:


What's sweeter than an infographic to show off the tasty results of our Donut meetings on company culture and the dough-licious statistics of our usage in 2022?