is a comprehensive Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud hosting solution. combines a strong hosting platform with cutting-edge technologies to help development teams create, develop, and scale applications more effectively.

Who is Platform.SH?

With, you can continuously build, run and scale fleets of websites and apps thanks to its unified, secure PaaS. Using it, you can host web applications in the cloud and improve your development and testing workflows, making the process more productive and efficient overall.

How Symetris and work together

Our collaboration with allows us to deliver flexible experiences and a variety of digital solutions to our clients who use different technologies or want more compatibility.  PHP, Java, Node.js, Python, Golang, Ruby, Drupal, WordPress, Symfony, Django, React, and Angular are among the languages and frameworks supported by, and this is what enables us to offer diversified options to our clients. has developed a new feature, FleetOps, which helps clients manage an ecosystem containing different applications. Features’s capabilities go far beyond just hosting. As a comprehensive cloud application platform that delivers from end to end, offers a variety of unique features that you just won’t get anywhere else! 

  • Auto-Scaling
    Any application will automatically scale vertically or horizontally with Auto-Scaling with no configuration changes. This is the most reliable technique to scale an application and all of its services. You can trust Auto-Scaling to manage traffic peaks with ease.
  • Continuous Integration and Development (CI/CD)
    By keeping your codebase up-to-date and by helping your application processes run smoothly, CI/CD reduces technical debt, incidents, and overall disasters in your code. A two-phase deployment process, Build and Deploy, has been built into Developers have full control over every step in the deployment phase.
  • Multi-language and multi-databases provides a first-class PaaS experience for polyglot developers with a wide range of language and database support. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a Drupal site, NodeJS app, or another project; has your back. Be sure to check out Marketplace for the complete list and details of what languages and databases are supported. 
  • Global cloud hosting
    Deploying sites to users around the world while complying with local data protection laws is a challenge for global organizations. offers multiple data regions so that you can provide your customers with the highest level of security and privacy. currently has data regions in North America, APAC, and Europe.
  • Security places security as a top priority. By implementing cryptography, permissions, and access management, you can deliver your applications while keeping your site secure, safe, and accessible 24/7. Plus, you’ll be informed of any data breaches immediately as they’re detected so you can maintain full control of your data. When it comes to compliance, adheres to the European GDPR (DPA available), German BDSG (DPA available), Canadian PIPEDA, and the Australian Privacy Act.