Common Pain Points of Website Search and How SearchStax Can Solve Them

The search bar is one of the most common first steps a visitor has after discovering your website.

Search input

It’s where your users expect to be able to type in a search term, get the desired results, and find more content on your website as they go. So, it’s essential to ensure that searching on your website is as easy as possible and delivers relevant and accurate results according to what they’re searching for. Providing a high-quality search experience can increase your site’s conversion rate by helping users find what they’re looking for and connecting them to a product or service they’re likely to purchase based on their search. It might be surprising, but most websites’ standard search bars aren’t doing enough to provide an impactful user experience. The first step? Figuring out where your website’s search is falling behind.

What are the Main Pain Points Around Website Search?

Poor Customer Experience Around Website Search 

One of the most common paint points when it comes to website searches is poor customer experience. Most default website search engines are generally pretty basic, usually with just a search bar with no options for advanced searches or filters, so your customers likely need to know exactly what they’re looking for to have accurate and relevant search results. Basic website search engines create a poor user experience, and many companies fail to go beyond the basics and don’t deliver a high-quality search experience for their users.

Lack of Insights about Website Search

Executives and managers typically don’t have any insight into what is happening with the searches on their websites. They don’t know how many users are actually using the search feature, what search terms they’re using, what results they’re getting, how often they click, and how far they scroll before interacting. Without knowing what’s going on behind the scenes and what your visitors are getting out of the website search tool, how are you supposed to improve the users’ experience?

Time & Cost Consuming

Making changes and improving the search experience is a large, complex task for the marketing team to take on; they usually have to submit their changes to their dev team, who then has to prioritize the changes in their project queue. This process of identifying and implementing changes makes it difficult for the marketing team to iterate and make improvements as quickly as they’d like. Marketing teams aren’t able to make these changes themselves, so instead, they need to rely on those developers who are busy with other tasks and projects and waiting on them to implement those changes. Not only does the process take time and energy from the marketing team, but it also puts a large project on developers' plates. Implementations just take too long and cost too much for developers.

So, you have these pain points with your website search, obviously, you want to fix them and provide a more satisfying customer experience, gain more insights and have a more effective improvement process. But how do you do that? 

SearchStax Is A Website Search Solution

SearchStax offers comprehensive search solutions that can improve your website's search experience with SearchStax Cloud behind the scenes and SearchStax Studio at the front. SearchStax Studio allows marketers and developers to gain valuable, actionable insights into their website’s search engine and provide quick, easy-to-use service tools and implementation. Using SearchStax allows your team to take their time back and automate a large chunk of the work that the marketing and dev teams previously did without losing any control or flexibility they had when doing the same work manually. In the long run, SearchStax could save you and your team time, energy, and money.

How SearchStax Studio Solves Common Website Search Pain Points

Provides best-in-class customer search experience

As we mentioned, one of the most common issues regarding website search paint points is poor user experience. Users want an easy-to-use, comprehensive search engine on your site that provides accurate, relevant results without having to scroll through pages of irrelevant results to find what they’re looking for. SearchStax is designed to deliver a feature-rich, high-quality search experience that your users expect from your website. SearchStax incorporates features that go far beyond a simple search bar by including rules and rankings, auto-suggestion, and related search recommendations, highlighting top results and promotions, and providing more relevant results. 

Valuable, actionable insights for managers and executives

SearchStax Studio provides simplified information and analysis of your website's search uses. The insight features include a search KPI trends dashboard, click and content analysis, identification of popular and no-result searches, and reporting APIs. Having this insight into how your site’s search is being used and what results are coming from will help you make more informed decisions backed by detailed analysis results.

Easy-to-use tools for marketing teams

SearchStax Studio’s self-service tools mean that marketing teams can rapidly change and improve the search experience without relying on developers. With these tools, you can configure searches with stopwords, synonyms, spell check and facets, personalize searches with models, rankings, global filters, and promotions, and make recommendations to your users with specific auto-suggestions. By configuring and adjusting the search experience, you can craft a high-quality search experience for your users that can also be used to help guide your site’s visitors to the content you want them to see. 

Quick implementation for development teams

In addition to improving the experience for marketing teams, SearchStax also helps improve developers' efficiency when implementing changes to the search experience. These developer features include CMS quick-start connectors for Sitecore and Drupal, UX accelerators that help quickly create search pages, and APIs that simplify integrations. 

SearchStax’s top-notch features can save your marketing and development teams time, effort, and money. Plus, it’s a comprehensive and easy way to address the most common website search pain point. As SearchStax partners, Symetris offers clients complete, managed Solr search infrastructure and a more intuitive, relevant frontend search experience with SearchStudio. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you implement SearchStax on your website.

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