DrupalCon Portland 2022: Our Experience and Why You Shouldn't Miss It!

Our experience at DrupalCon 2022 was nothing but positive. In fact, we struggle to think of anything negative to say about our time at the conference. We highly recommend that everyone working with Drupal attend this conference to learn, connect, and build the Drupal community.

DrupalCon 2022: The Best Place for Drupal Experts

DrupalCon is a valuable experience and one we highly recommend for anybody working with Drupal. Whether you’re in marketing or a developer, there’s something for everyone at DrupalCon.

DrupalCon is the premier international educational conference that brings together Drupal users, developers, designers, and support staff. The event consists of training events, workshops, keynote speakers, and a full day dedicated to hands-on contributions. It is four days of enhancing your Drupal skills, networking with the Drupal community, and learning about the future of web technologies on the Drupal platform.


DrupalCon for Marketers 

DrupalCon was a fantastic experience and an incredible opportunity to meet people, network, and learn more about the industry. I was amazed by the acceptance and openness of everyone there. To have the opportunity to meet people face to face, especially partners and people we’ve been working with online, allowed us to build deeper connections and stronger relationships. The ties we created with them in person were incomparable to virtual meetings and online communication. 

The evening networking events put on by the Drupal Association, Acquia, Pantheon, and Platform SH were a unique chance to connect with everybody attending the conference. It wasn’t just the VIPs or developers; everybody attending the conference was invited. It offered a different type of networking where we could grab a drink, have more casual conversations, and build deeper connections.


DrupalCon for Developers

“DrupalCon was an exciting opportunity to travel to a new place and make new global connections in the industry. The biggest thing for me was meeting partners face-to-face and building deeper connections with them in a more casual way, being able to have a few drinks and chat at the evening networking events. Throughout the conference, there was a focus on the Drupal community with topics like diversity and inclusion, accessibility, and social equality, trying to get as many people involved as possible. The workshops and talks were an opportunity to discuss the industry with like-minded people and have those meaningful discussions. 

I can’t find anything negative to say about my experience. I honestly had a great time!”
– Chris Tomasso, Web Developer at Symetris


Why You Should Attend DrupalCon

Attend DrupalCon! Whether it’s for community building, learning about the industry, finding a job, hiring, learning about Drupal’s features (or honestly, a thousand more reasons - email us to ask), we encourage you to attend a DrupalCon, and Symetris will definitely participate again!

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