Top 3 Challenges of Digital CMOs and Digital Marketers

As a digital agency with almost two decades of experience, we’ve seen trends come and go. Still, three main challenges for CMOs and digital marketers remain consistent throughout the years:
1- accelerating digital innovation
2- personalizing the online experience
3- ensuring digital platform stability.
This blog post will help you overcome these challenges.

Top 3 challenges of digital CMOs and digital marketers

Let’s examine each of these challenges' impact on your business.

1- Accelerating digital innovation

Perhaps it is no surprise that 94% of marketing leaders are dissatisfied with the performance of innovations (2018, Brian Solis - Altimeter). Most digital transformation initiatives did not generate new revenue; otherwise, innovative companies cannot tie innovation to business needs.

What is your capacity to innovate? Reinventing your business does not have to be radical to be effective. You can stay ahead of the curve of technological change (and the competition) by optimally mobilizing your resources and partners based on a reliable roadmap. Carefully define and plan how to best execute a digital innovation strategy and convert your business goals into digital goals to demonstrate ROI.

At Symetris, we encourage a crawl-walk-run approach to technological innovation. Assessing your digital marketing challenges systematically from the outset helps you embrace digital innovation without any nasty surprises, so you don’t need to give up on your budget (or your job).

2- Personalizing the online experience

Segmenting your marketing message while maintaining a seamless customer experience (even across multiple channels) is a must in today’s media environment. As marketing leaders and digital marketers, you need to personalize your digital assets quickly and anticipate the rising expectations of your customers by responding in real time. But how do you manage the workload required to do this effectively?
Again, much of this comes down to defining your digital goals based on your business goals. Digital technology modifies your customer’s expectations based on the context, so your personalization needs will tie into your business goals. Your website, if properly designed, can allow you to analyze big data and maintain control of the customer experience through your funnel.
And if overwhelm is an issue, Symetris can guide you in order to optimize your marketing operations and deliver more value with less effort. We can help you deploy a multi-channel customer experience without multiplying your workload and be present in multiple markets without diluting your brand image.


3- Ensuring digital platform stability

Since 92% of web applications have exploitable flaws or weaknesses (Source: Research of FT 500 companies) and more than half (54%) have vulnerabilities to hackers (Source: Imperva), ensuring your digital platform’s security and stability at all times is of paramount importance.

 Because your platform is constantly evolving, it needs new functionalities and regular updates - it doesn’t stop evolving at launch. Let go of outdated systems that require frequent patches (and so are more vulnerable to breaches) and build solid foundations with a scalable web application for years to come. Test the vulnerability of your website frequently and make essential corrections, so you leave no room for hacker attacks. Guarantee the quality of your site’s performance and minimize the security breaches that can threaten your systems.

Finally, in terms of functionality, regular maintenance and updates offer you the chance to get the most out of your site. 
 Building the platform is just half the battle - to stay competitive, you need, at a minimum, to be up to date and strive to be ahead of the curve. As a web platform company, we understand the need for a secure, stable, future-friendly website, and we can help you with that.

Symetris Helps You Overcome These 3 Challenges

Trends in digital marketing come and go and change constantly, but some things endure. Experienced CMOs must focus on the long term and invest in the right places. The three challenges we’ve covered above—accelerating digital innovation, personalizing the online experience, and ensuring digital platform stability—are ones we encounter continually and have solved for more than 17 years. Allocating your digital budget around these three objectives can help you focus your investment.
At Symetris, we’ve structured our offering around these three challenges to help maximize the ROI of your digital projects. To find out how our certified Drupal developers can help you overcome these challenges, fill out the form below.

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