The Power of Healthy Competition in Business Relationships

Traditionally, businesses have approached the competition with a mindset of self-preservation and guarded secrecy. However, this perspective limits growth and stifles innovation. When businesses embrace the idea that collaboration and competition can coexist, remarkable opportunities arise.

The Symetris team travelling together with Evolving Web Team to attend DrupalCon.

Last quarter alone, Symetris had the opportunity to meet and exchange insights with numerous developers, analysts, and other professionals at events like EvolveDrupal and DrupalCon, fostering a culture of shared growth and innovation. It further complemented our belief in the power of in-person interactions, providing a refreshing change of pace. In the midst of friendly rivalry, we realized that collaboration was the key driving force behind collective success. In fact, Drupal stands out as an open-source platform that is collectively built and continually enhanced by the community. It embodies the spirit of collaboration, without any hidden formulas or secret recipes, allowing for continuous improvement and innovation

Drawing inspiration from our active involvement in the Drupal community and our participation in valuable events like DrupalCon, this article delves into the significance of leveraging friendly competition as a catalyst for fostering collaborative efforts among businesses, ultimately leading to mutual success. 


Enhanced Market Knowledge

Being close to your competition can enable you to better understand market trends, customers' behaviours, and their preferences. Enhanced market knowledge can help you identify strategies that might work well for you. This also allows you to gain valuable insights that may not be immediately apparent if you operated in isolation.

By actively participating in the Drupal community, businesses gain access to a wealth of shared expertise, insights, and best practices from a diverse range of professionals. This exposure to collective knowledge helps industry players stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and strategies in the Drupal ecosystem and beyond. The collaborative nature of the community fosters a continuous learning environment, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.


Healthy Innovation

Competition encourages innovation. It pushes businesses to constantly improve and refine their products or services. Learning from your competitors can be motivating and inspiring. It can help you develop new strategies and ideas that could lead to significant growth and advancement.

Did you know that collaborations often lead to increased innovation? The 2020 Global Innovation Index found that high levels of international collaboration correlate with a stronger innovation output. This applies to web development agencies too, when they work together despite being competitors.

The Drupal community fosters healthy innovation by providing a collaborative platform for sharing ideas and expertise, enabling the continuous improvement and evolution of the Drupal ecosystem. Its open-source philosophy and commitment to feedback drive creative exploration and push boundaries in web development.


Collaboration Opportunities

Even though they are your competition, there are scenarios where businesses can benefit from collaboration. This might take the form of joint ventures, partnerships, collaboration tools, or even shared events or marketing efforts. You can leverage each other's resources and customer base for mutual benefit.

Many tech and web development agencies work together in the open-source community. GitHub is the world's largest open-source community. In 2020, they were reported to have hosted over 56 million developers, many of whom would be considered competitors in a business context.