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Unis sous le drapeau sur savoir media
Bulles de filtres et chambres d'écho sur savoir media

1 %

Increase in views of video content

1 Days

Record time for platform development

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Pieces of content published the day of the launch



Offer access to Savoir Media’s entire video library in real time

Reach a new target audience and enable it to access content in an innovative way


Canal Savoir, a television channel broadcasting since 1984, underwent a digital transformation to become a platform for the distribution of connected content.

For Canal Savoir to become Savoir Media both in their business model and user experience, the company needed partners that could optimize resources. Thanks to Symetris, Savoir Media was delivered in record time.

In addition to reaching new target audiences, the new platform offers publishers the ability to independently create and manage content, easily scale content, and embed editorial and podcast files in videos.

Savoir Média - temps d’exécution timeline


Build a digital application that can synchronize securely and efficiently with two APIs.

Integrate the needs and processes of Savoir Media, Antes Digital (strategy and graphic design) and Symetris.

A 10-week delivery deadline respected by Symetris, thanks to its project management methodology.


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