Mega Construx’s Web Application Delivers a Personalized Customer Experience

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Generate engagement of the game’s target audience

Increase the sale of spin-off merchandise

Grow the community of players

Increase awareness of the Mega Construx brand


An iconic player in the toy business for more than 70 years, Mattel is a leader in the global market.

To support the customer-acquisition strategy of its new Mega Construx brand, Mattel needed to make a significant digital pivot. In order to engage fans of the video game "Destiny," they designed an interactive project for creating characters named The Guardians.

Symetris entered the picture to implement the delicate alliance between a playful appealing aesthetic and a powerful web application capable of proposing the customization of online products such as the avatars of the game Destiny.

Fans can now bring their ideas to life!

Mattel personnalisation de figurines


The multitude of possible combinations demanded great flexibility in terms of graphics and the system in place — all with the goal of offering users a large creative palette.


Symetris integrated the polished look of the app by connecting Drupal to MegaBrands’ web service. This connection made it possible to link each element necessary for creating characters to their internal database, while optimizing the performance of the site.

Symetris implemented a system for verifying that users are over 13 years of age and validating the site's privacy policy.

More than 3,600 hours of work divided into four phases over two years and the establishment of a trusting relationship. At Symetris, 15 people worked on the project.


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