It's Time to Switch to Google Analytics 4

If you're hesitant to switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), keep reading. Google has officially announced that Universal Analytics will stop compiling data on July 1st, 2023. So, what is the best time to migrate? Now! The sooner you switch, the more historical data you will have in your new platform. Here are 4 more reasons to switch to GA4 now.

It's Time to Switch to Google Analytics 4


Google Analytics is an analytics service that lets you measure traffic and engagements on your site and apps. The new version of Google Analytics, GA4, contains several new features that make data tracking and analytics far superior.

Whether you are a lightweight Google Analytics user or not, you probably have trouble narrowing down the data you need to improve your website. The new features are bound to make your life easier!


4 Reasons to Switch to Google Analytics 4 

1- Added Device Support

GA4 added support for multiple devices, including mobile. Before this update, you needed to use various versions of Google Analytics to track mobile apps, like Google Analytics for Apps. Now with GA4, you can have several data streams in one place.  

2- Real-time Reports

Another updated feature in GA4 is real-time reporting, which shows you activities on a website as they’re happening. It lets businesses track the online behaviour of their audience and see how they interact and engage with the site in real time. It’s a handy feature for marketers; you can see how customers interact with your campaigns and make adjustments on the fly! 

3- Improved Data Model

Not only does GA4 bring together multiple device tracking, but it also changes how you view that data with an enhanced data model. GA4 eliminates the usual tracking categories like page views, transactions, interactions, clicks, etc. and groups them together under one classification called events. This change makes GA much more flexible because you can make an event whatever you want! As a result, the data you get from GA4 becomes more valuable. Rather than tracking information you may not want or need, you can look at precisely what you’re interested in.

4- Enhanced Data Accuracy

We now know that GA4 offers many unique features. When they're all put together, you get a more accurate and efficient data tracking model. GA4’s server-side tracking allows you to see up to 100% accuracy, compared to third-party trackers that provide 80-90% accuracy. The improvement in tracking accuracy also means better data predictions. GA’s improved AI and machine learning can predict your customer’s future behaviour more accurately. 

How to Switch to Google Analytics 4? 

If your website uses a Universal Analytics property, you might consider switching to GA4. Google has put together resources to help you make the switch. They’ve also done what everybody should be doing and listed the amount of effort each step of the migration process requires. Most are low effort, so there’s no need to stress about a hefty workload. 

Streamline Your GA4 Migration with Symetris Experts!

Make the switch to Google Analytics 4 and get in touch with us! Let’s convert your new data into actionable insights and actions to improve your website’s results!

Google Analytics 4 Migration Checklist

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