6 Signs It’s Time To Switch Digital Agencies

Are you considering switching your digital agency partner? In a previous article, we discussed why you should switch from one agency to another and how to make the switch. But how do you know it’s time to change? The following blog post can assist you in making this decision. There are 6 signs indicating it is time to change your digital partner.

Switching digital agencies

Evaluate Your Current Digital Partner

There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking of switching digital agencies. We know how overwhelming it can be, and that’s probably a big part of why you haven’t switched yet. You first have to look at your current agency and figure out where you stand.

What makes your current agency special?

First, consider the things you love about your current agency. What makes you want to stay with them? Do they offer a better deal than others? A wider variety of services? Maybe you love the company culture, and it’s a good culture fit with your business. Or you’re impressed with their experience and expertise. Whatever the reasons, it’s essential to think of reasons to stay. It’s not all about the negatives! 

What makes you reconsider sticking with your current agency?

If you’re reading this blog, the chances are there’s something about your current agency that’s making you reconsider pursuing the relationship with them. Are they missing services that another company would provide, like regular maintenance or platform evolution? Do you feel you have more complaints than compliments? There may be many reasons you might be considering switching digital partners, but weighing the pros and cons can be difficult; that’s why we’re here to help.

Here are 6 signs that it’s time to switch agencies.

1. You have outgrown your current agency

Your website grows and changes over time as your business needs evolve. Your digital partner must be able to grow with and adapt to your needs and even help you evolve. If you feel like your agency can't deliver to your evolving standards, it might be time to switch because it will impact your business’ competitiveness. You need to stay ahead of the digital curve, and your agency should help you move the needle forward. 

2. The agency is not responsive

We know from experience that your relationship and how you communicate with everyone on the team matters. They should be able to share all the information they have with you in a way that you understand and can work with, with no jargon or terminology you have to google after the call. On top of that, they shouldn’t take days or weeks to answer your emails or schedule a call. Communication with your agency is vital, so if that’s a struggle right now, it’s time to find someone that’s easier to connect with.

3. It feels like you’re not getting enough attention

Your digital agency has other clients; you probably expect they’re working on other projects simultaneously. But, if you feel like they’re not giving you the attention your project deserves, that’s an issue. Taking on too much and getting overloaded isn’t an unexpected or unusual occurrence, but if they can’t get things back on track and the project quality starts to go down with the ship, it's time for you to move on.

4. They are not delivering value

If you feel like you’re not getting the right bang for your buck, it’s time to look for a better option. The red flags could be waving right in front of you! You’re paying them so they can deliver the value and results that you want and need from your site. Your relationship with your agency shouldn’t be just about “keeping the lights on” but providing insight and implementing valuable improvements to your web property.

5. Missing essential features or specific expertise

You probably have a list of things that are essential for you when it comes to your digital agency, like maintenance, support, evolution, or a particular development process. Maybe you compromised on some of those when you chose this company, or perhaps they changed their service offerings. For example, many agencies only have a few Drupal experts on their team. If your company uses Drupal, that puts you at risk of not being on top of the latest technology and not having your needs addressed as quickly as they should. Whatever the reasons for considering a switch, there shouldn’t be any compromises.

6. You don’t feel fulfilled

The biggest sign it’s time to switch partners is if you feel like your partner isn’t fully your partner. Maybe they aren’t proactive and more reactive to issues that come up than you’d like. They don’t provide recommendations and strategies for your site to improve and just do the minimum necessary improvements and changes: they’re a team of just “doers” and not thinkers. It’s important for your partnership to feel like you can strategize and work together towards the future and achieving your goals with your site. If you’re not getting the action you want out of your agency, it’s time to find an agency that will make you happy.

What to consider when choosing a new agency

Does it solve your pain points and provide value?

The most important thing to consider is if this new agency will solve the issues you’re having with your current partner and if they provide additional services you weren’t getting before. You don’t want to switch, have the same issues or complaints and miss out on the same services. We like to think of pain points or complaints like a checklist for what you want from your new agency.

What makes this new agency unique?

Not every web agency will be a perfect fit for everyone's needs. Before you commit, it’s essential to look at where they specialize and what limitations they might have when it comes to the services you need. Remember, the functionality and, perhaps, appearance rely on this agency, so you want to make sure they can deliver exactly what you want! Do they focus on a particular CMS, like Drupal, or is there a certain platform they don’t use that you might want? What features or add-ons do they have that make them stand out from the rest? What do they have that your current agency doesn’t? How does their service offering or list of clients align with your needs and goals? Whether you’re judging on their experience level, portfolio, or design approach, it’s important to think about why you would choose this agency over another. There might be one company that offers something you really need or want or something you think is awesome. This is a good sign that you should look into that one more.

Think it’s time for you to make the switch? We may have the solution!

Choosing a new agency isn’t always easy, but having a list of what you want and what you need is a great place to start. It’s also vital to ensure they’re a good fit for you in addition to the services they provide; their experience, values, and company culture should all play a role in choosing the best web agency for your business.

Whether you want to fix your current issues or evolve your site to meet your company’s goals, Symetris is here to help bridge the gap between your needs and your desired results. Symetris’ 15 years of certified expertise guarantee commitment to you and your goals, support and guidance from start to finish. Read more about us, and if we feel like a good fit for your company, get in touch!

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